Customize your Time Lapse Kit

Take the time to craft your own package. Customize everything from the ground up. Our hardware provides the perfect platform to make a system custom tailored to your needs.

These are some features common to all of our system configurations

  • Compatible with a multitude of Canon camera models, including high end DSLR.
  • Ultra low power hardware makes solar and alternative energy power sources a possiblity.
  • VM95 software is a fully schedulable software platform for image capturing, processing and uploading.
  • Our built-in watchdog firmware is designed to keep your system running, regardless of power or weather inturruption.
  • All enclosures and materials we ship are ruggedized for the outdoors and sealed for weatherproof operation.
  • Remote configuration and web based slideshows are included with the purchase of every system.

Camera Options

Choose camera below Add to cost
Model Megapixels Zoom
Canon EOS Digital Rebel SL1 † 18.0 See lenses below $1050
Canon EOS 6D † 20.2 See lenses below $2400
Canon EOS 5D Mark III † 22.3 See lenses below $4400
No camera option(you provide SLR) - includes large housing and battery eliminator. $250

Lens Options

Description Price
Canon EF-S 18-55mm - manual focus $225
Canon EF-S 10-22mm - software controllable focus $950
Canon EF 17-40mm - software controllable focus $900
Sigma EX 10-20mm - manual focus $675
Sigma EX 8-16mm - manual focus $900
Other Lenses availible call for quote

† Camera includes upgrade to larger housing.

System Add-ons

Description Price
Light Duty Pan & Tilt Head - Light duty pan and tilt unit for multi scene sites. $1750
Heavy Duty Pan & Tilt Head - Heavy duty pan and tilt unit for multi scene sites & panoramas. $2950
Windshield Wiper and Washer - Integral windshield wiper system with self-priming washer unit. $1950
Extreme Temperature Upgrade - Extends operating temperature to -40°F through +140F. $300
Glass Heater / Defogger - Heater for the front camera glass to keep glass free from fog and condensate. $300
Light duty solar panel kit - for very light duty picture taking such as 1 image per hour. $1500
Medium duty solar panel kit - for medium duty picture taking such as 1 image ever 30 minutes. $1750
Heavy duty solar panel kit - for heavy duty picture taking such as 1 image every 5 minutes or for locations with low solar insolation. $2050
Extreme duty solar panel kit - for heavy duty picture taking such as 1 image every 10 seconds or for locations with very low solar insolation. $2350
802.11 wireless radio client - 802.11b/g Wi-Fi Client Radio for clients with existing Wi-Fi coverage. $300
802.11 wireless radio kit - 802.11b/g Wi-Fi Client + AP kit for line of sight connection where no Wi-Fi yet exists. $600
Weather Station - live weather dials added to your website. $900

Watchdog Hardware


In house designed and manufactured watchdog hardware, intelligent firmware, and robust temperature ratings all combine to form a complete product. Proudly made in the USA.

Canon Technology


All of our systems utilize cameras made by industry leading photographic equipment maker Canon. This ensures we are always up to date with the latest technology available to the industry as well as affording us the widest selection in lenses.

Off-grid Solutions


Our hardware is designed to be low power. Adding solar power to our kits is easy since we specifically designed it as a DC powered system. This, combined with cellular 4g modems gives you the ability to put our system anywhere. Time lapse, Anywhere!