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NanoPro Time Lapse System

The NanoPro is the perfect for tool for capturing mission critical time-lapse footage remotely. It can be fitted out with any of the modern Canon DSLR cameras available on the market today. The system comes equiped with a cellular modem making it easy to tweak and configure any settings remotely as well as giving you critical operational alerts. Our Webhosting-50 is also included to provide you with a web slideshow and archive that is compatible with all your devices. No special app required.


    Hardware includes:

  • Support for all modern Canon DSLR cameras
  • Support for the widest lenses on the market including 180° Fisheye
  • Pole/wall mount kit
  • 100-240v AC power supply w/ 8ft cord
  • Erdman designed low power controller module
  • 128GB+128GB redundant local camera storage
  • All weather camera enclosure

    Software/Service includes:

  • Erdman designed VM95 camera software platform
  • RAW + JPG images at up to 1 frame every 10sec
  • HTML5 web slideshows compatible with all your modern devices
  • Silverlight fallback for older browsers
  • FTP archive access for the duration of the project
  • Remote support and programming
  • Lifetime Warranty See Policies

    Upgrades Available:

  • Upgrade to Cellular to make the package completely turn-key
  • Upgrade to Solar Power to go completely off grid
  • Cold weather upgrade for -0° C or colder environments
  • Heavy Duty Pole/wall mount kit Available for more stable image capture
  • Storage upgrades available

Watchdog Hardware


In house designed and manufactured watchdog hardware, intelligent firmware, and robust temperature ratings all combine to form a complete product. Proudly made in the USA.

Canon Technology


All of our systems utilize cameras made by industry leading photographic equipment maker Canon. This ensures we are always up to date with the latest technology available to the industry as well as affording us the widest selection in lenses.

Off-grid Solutions


Our hardware is designed to be low power. Adding solar power to our kits is easy since we specifically designed it as a DC powered system. This, combined with cellular 4g modems gives you the ability to put our system anywhere. Time lapse, Anywhere!

Web hosted slideshows

Erdman will archive all your images from the start to the finish on our powerful webhosting platform. Access all the images your camera has captured from our HTML5 standards compliant web slideshows. HTML5 means you can access the images regardless of device. No special apps are required on mobile devices since the slideshow webpage can be saved and launched as a web app.

    Slideshow Features:

  • Displays FULL RESOLUTION pictures
  • HTML 5 Desktop and Mobile slideshows
  • Silverlight fallback slideshow for older PC
  • Calendar based image navigation
  • Image markup tools for drawing or notation
  • Image commenting
  • "Best Of" voting system
  • Multiple views from one interface
  • Adjustible playback speed
  • Compare tool lets you view two pictures at once
  • Quickly save, email, and share an image directly from the slideshow
  • Can be embedded inline in any html file on your existing webpage
  • Smooth pan and zoom animations
  • Touch enabled interface for ease of use on tablets
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Erdman Server Platform

Erdman maintains our own servers in an N+1 hosting facility. Our servers have high bandwidth availablity and can handle thousands of simultaneous users. Our webhosting can provide your camera with virtually unlimited FTP storage. We also provide you with an FTP login to access this storage while the project is ongoing. We will never try to upsell you on your own images: what gets uploaded is what is shown to your users.

    Webhosting Features:

  • Unlimited FTP storage space for camera images
  • FTP login provided to access image archive at any time
  • High bandwidth availiblity with redundant Tier 3 bandwidth providers
  • Servers located in an N+1 facility
  • Nightly backups to offsite location
  • Error reporting to email of all critical system alerts such as: low disk space, system restarts, battery voltage, etc.