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The NanoRental is a monthly rental of our NanoTimeLapse system. Utilizing a Canon 18MP or greater DSLR camera, this system is ready to photograph archive and upload from anywhere on your site. The system can be equiped with a cellular modem making it easy to install without the hassle of a broadband connection. Our Webhosting-25 is also included to provide you with a web slideshow and archive that is compatible with all your devices. No special app required.


  • Canon DSLR camera 18MP
  • 10-18mm or 18-55mm lens
  • Erdman designed failsafe watchdog hardware
  • 64GB+64GB redundant local storage
  • 360° swivel pole/wall mount kit
  • NEMA 3R rated camera enclosure
  • Universal AC power input
  • Cellular data modem
  • Webhosting-50
  • Silverlight and HTML5 web slideshows
  • Warranty for the term of the rental