Managed Time Lapse Solutions

Are you interested in making the best possible long term time lapse movies? Erdman Video Systems has developed a mature product that can help you get the most from off-the-shelf Canon SLR cameras. Our hardware is designed to make long term time lapse a reality removing the hassles of lesser designed equipment. No more returning to the site every two weeks to change memory cards only to find a programming error and no images. We can setup up a remotely managed time lapse system with redundant local and remote storage. We support all the latest Canon DSLR cameras.

Here are some of our great features

  • Compatible with a multitude of Canon camera models, including high end DSLR.
  • Ultra low power hardware makes solar and alternative energy power sources a possiblity.
  • VM95 software is a fully schedulable software platform for image capturing, processing and uploading.
  • Our built-in watchdog firmware is designed to keep your system running, regardless of power or weather inturruption.
  • All enclosures and materials we ship are ruggedized for the outdoors and sealed for weatherproof operation.
  • Remote configuration and web based slideshows are included with the purchase of every system.

Watchdog Hardware


In house designed and manufactured watchdog hardware, intelligent firmware, and robust temperature ratings all combine to form a complete product. Proudly made in the USA.

Canon Technology


All of our systems utilize cameras made by industry leading photographic equipment maker Canon. This ensures we are always up to date with the latest technology available to the industry as well as affording us the widest selection in lenses.

Off-grid Solutions


Our hardware is designed to be low power. Adding solar power to our kits is easy since we specifically designed it as a DC powered system. This, combined with cellular 4g modems gives you the ability to put our system anywhere. Time lapse, Anywhere!

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