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Installation and Operation

Our system is based around our proprietary software running to control all the functions of a DSLR or Network camera. Our software can focus, capture, modify, archive, and upload pictures from the DSLR camera all while monitoring system functions. Cellular modems are usually included in all the packages, making the system completely turn-key. Configuration is included in every purchase and is handled remotely by our professional staff. System functions are automated and follow a schedule. Scheduling can be set per day of week, time of day, and set at an interval.

Once the images are uploaded to our servers, we then can display them in a fully featured slideshow with time lapse playback capability. The slideshow is fully compatible with all browsers. Network cameras have video playback that also requires no plugins. Image archive access is through the slideshow and via FTP login.

At the end of the project we can take the resulting image set and create a high production value time-lapse video. This video can have titles, credits, a soundtrack, and smooth transitions.
Our systems are low power and designed with solar capability in mind. All parts can be DC powered 12 to 30V. Most systems are outfitted with universal input AC power supplies.
If you get the non-penetrating roof mount accessory, you do not need your own pole. In all other cases, you will need to have your own mounting surface, whether a pole, vertical wall or parapet wall.
No, Installation is not included. Installation is easily performed by a laymen since the systems are almost always true turn-key packages. We also provide remote support for all clients for installation and programming. However, if you need us to install the system for you, please call us to see if we have installation available in your area.
It depends on the subject matter. Large construction sites often benefit from a wide view that is set far back from the site. The higher the camera is vertically, the more dramatic the view. If mounting indoors, mounting in the corner allows the widest lenses to capture everything. Centering on the short side wall of a long building also gives a great view of the action. It is also best, if possible, to shoot with the camera facing North if the camera is in the Northern hemisphere. This way, the sun will not affect the shots for the final time lapse video.
Yes, all our systems are specially designed for outdoor environments. Special consultation may be necessary for extreme hot or cold locations.


Our Time-Lapse cameras are designed for long-term time lapse capture. They include large local storage, highly reliable components, low power consumption and ultra flexible programmability. Our Streaming products feature high quality streaming, low power consumption and high reliability. All our products connect into our hosting services which feature full resolution image archives from the start to the finish of your project. The HTML5 viewer features full calendar navigation with playback controls and pan and zoom functions. Our streaming services feature unlimited viewers and 10min of buffer for video streams.
Yes, our web slideshows and stream players are fully html5 compliant. This means they work on all devices without the need for apps or plug-ins. The slideshows can be saved to your homescreen as a webapp and launched just like an app.
Yes, you own the images. The images are never copyrighted or water-marked by us. We provide embed links that are a single line of code. This line of code can easily be inserted into any webpage or hosting service for display of the slideshow, stream or latest picture.
By default, we do not store any of your data other than the images captured by the cameras. The images are stored safely on our own hosting servers in a secure data center. Web pages can be password protected for added security. Our servers feature redundant RAID arrays to ensure that your files are safe and sound for the duration of your project.
You can easily pull up a picture from a specific date and time by using the calendar navigation in the slideshow archive viewer. Click on the "Date/Time" label in the slideshow to open the calendar.


You can operate your camera on your own and pay us no monthly fees. Images can be stored and retrieved on the local storage for our time lapse systems. For our streaming cameras, you can operate them with no buffered feed or time lapse capture. For discounts, We do offer educational institutions with confirmed ".edu" emails a percentage discount. We also offer volume order discounts and a have a reseller program. Contact us for more info.
Deposits are required to rent our equipment. You can either pay the entire rental period up front or elect to pay monthly or quarterly. Minimum rental term periods must be paid up front before the shipment is released. Please get an official estimate to see the minimum rental term period. If a purchase order is issued on a company letterhead, the deposit can be waived. If submitting a PO, we reserve the right to verify credit information about your company. We accept company check, wire transfer (ask for more info), most major credit cards, and Paypal.
Purchases must be paid in full before shipment or you must submit a purchase order on a company letter head. If submitting a PO, we reserve the right to verify credit information about your company. The first invoice will include all purchased hardware plus the first three months of service (if any). Again, We accept company check, wire transfer (ask for more info), most major credit cards, and Paypal.
You can do so by phone call, email or letter. See our terms and conditions for more information.
Please contact us to find out if you are eligible. Rentals usually come with minimum term periods.

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