Kitefin TL

18MP Indoor Time Lapse Webcam

4k Time Lapse Videography

Push the resolution boundary

At a stunning 5184 x 3456 minimum resolution, there are enough pixels to crop into the frame and produce 4k video (3840×2160). Prepare your content for the future by guaranteeing enough resolution for the up coming standard in broadcast TV and Movies.

Canon APS-C Sensor

Not all pixels are equal

Get higher pixel quality than a network camera. A bigger sensor means more light is detected per pixel. More light equals more accurate pixel color and better sharpness in every shot.

Wide Range of Lens Support

Get the lens that fits your project

Most jobs are not "one size fits all" so why have only one lens to choose from? With a broad range of lens support from Canon, the Kitefin TL can capture far, near and anything in between. Choose from one of our standard lenses or provide your own.

Robust Platform

Reliable OS and Hardware

We have refined our hardware over many years to achieve near 100% uptime. Our embedded firmware ensures the system software is running by checking status and monitoring voltages and temperatures. Our Windows Embedded OS system drive operates in a write protected state to ensure there is no OS corruption throughout your long term project.

Complete Cloud Archive

Enough storage to go around

While our local 128GB+128GB drives ensure a large local buffer of images, Our cloud hosted archive can provide you the relay point for access. All images that get uploaded are retained in the cloud for the duration of your project. You have complete access and ownership of all images.

Eco-Friendly Design

Solar power options available

We designed our product from the ground up to be ecologically friendly with low power consumption. That's why we can offer our systems with smaller lighter solar power kits.
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Kitefin TL Product Photos

About The Hardware

18MP Time Lapse Capture
108° Zoom Lens
128GB + 128GB Local storage
Indoor camera enclosure
360° swivel ceiling mount kit
100-240v Universal Power Supply

About The Software

Image slideshow with full resolution archive
Digital pan and zoom
Calendar navigation
Touch interface for mobile and tablets
Playback entire imageset like a time lapse
No client plugin required

We offer purchase, short term or long term rentals

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