Company History

Erdman Video Systems is a privately held company based in Miami, Florida. The Company designs and develops digital imaging solutions for several market sectors including Construction, Science, Research, and Tourism. Erdman Video Systems is a market driven company that is known within the industry for it's commitment to it's clients and their unique digital monitoring needs.

1991-1993: Developed a computer/video camera based instrument for acquiring and archiving images for various types of engineering projects. Special hardware was developed for pan/tilt/zoom control. Jobs were consulting projects as opposed to product sales. Early systems were DOS based, and later software was upgraded to Windows. The principal projects were:

  • Beach Erosion and Re-nourishment
  • Fog Studies (Tennessee Valley)
  • Large Construction Projects (National Institutes of Health)

1993-1998: Developed a lower cost, desktop, Windows based video monitoring system. Construction companies caught on to the idea and purchased many systems for their use which helped spur product development for the this industry. Sales in Italy for tourism promotion began. These systems used off-the-shelf components and our VM95 software. The main clients during this period were:

  • Construction companies for project documentation
  • Tourism and Promotion
  • Outdoor monitoring (Tree farms, weather monitoring, etc.)

1998-2003: Development begins on the ‘Biscuit’ system using single board computers and the companies own support electronics, with the goal to secure new monitoring opportunities by lowering power consumption, increasing reliability, while decreasing product complexity and price. Desktop based systems were phased out, and all the control electronics (computer, pan/tilt/zoom controller, uninterruptible power supply, and telephone reboot hardware) was packaged in a single outdoor mountable electrical box. Because of its low power consumption and special control software, the Biscuit is now used in a number of solar power based applications. Sales in the construction industry increased considerably because of these changes and improvements. Image delivery methods were enhanced by using custom written Java applets, allowing clients access to all their imagery in the form of time lapse movie/slide shows. Sales increased from 30-50 systems per year to over 100 systems per year. The main clients during this time are:

  • Dam monitoring for ENEL (the electrical company in Italy)
  • Construction companies for project documentation
  • Tourism and beach monitoring cams
  • Cell phone network of solar power cams in the Dolomites for Research
  • University and government agencies (construction and air quality)

2004-2008: Miniaturization efforts begin in earnest for the 'Biscuit' system. This brings a number of revisions leading to the current 'NanoBiscuit' system which is modularized and capable of fitting in small enclosures. True all-in-one packages were made possible thanks in part to the incorporation of surface mount electronics and 2.5" laptop size hard drives. Sales exploded for the construction, coastal monitoring and time lapse markets. True production quality high definition time lapse creation was made possible by moving away from Olympus cameras and incorporating Canon DSLR and 'Prosumer' type cameras. Over this period clients included:

  • Video production companies looking for managed time lapse solutions
  • Construction companies for project documentation
  • Long term Beach renourishment studies
  • USGS procured a number of systems for research projects
  • University and government agencies (construction and air quality)

2009-Present: Erdman Video Systems continues to develop its products and solutions and currently maintains four full time employees and two software consultants in the Miami area. Globally, we work with many partners who resell our products.